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In order to view loans, the buyer will need to provide additional information including proof of funds, buyer experience and a non-disclosure agreement.

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R.W. Kline Companies provides the expertise to handle both sides of a note sale. If you are a lender wishing to market and sell commercial loans or a buyer aspiring to purchase a note, RWK can effectively serve as your intermediary ensuring the transactions occur professionally and all parties are competently served. Whether we are marketing, or negotiating note sales, RWK brings together sellers and buyers using Kline Loan Match™, RWK’s marketing and sales resource tool. RWK has successfully worked with any "paper" that will finance commercial properties including permanent, bridge, mezzanine and structured debt instruments. Today, RWK works with nine funds on a routine basis and we meet with additional investors as new opportunities arise. 

Kline Loan Match™ provides these critical, value added services for our loan sellers and buyers: secure loan site, vetting of prospective buyers, indicative, best and final bid analysis, loan documents review at three critical levels, FDIC compliant loan site, portfolio marketing and advertising, regulatory reporting, portfolio analysis, loan level analysis, asset summaries, closing and funding management and document imaging and redaction. Additionally RWK’s Team regularly interfaces with the lender, creates workout proposals and handles all negotiations until a mutually beneficial middle ground is reached by all parties. A note sale can be a complicated process. Generally, a better outcome is achieved with the help of an experienced professional guiding you through the process. 

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